You’re no IT expert; you don’t know how to install servers or maintain your equipment or protect your data from the over 300 million new pieces of malware that were created in 2014.

Asset ManagementBut hiring people who do know how to manage your IT assets requires a substantial investment. Low-level IT workers average a salary of $50,000, and for big-picture planning and long-term strategy you’ll need the expertise of a CIO, which will run you a salary of at least $100,000.

Thankfully, the in-house option isn’t your only choice. Radius Executive IT Solutions will manage your assets at a flat rate that’s much more affordable than the wages and benefits it takes to add new members to your staff.

Keeping Track of Your Hardware’s Lifecycle

Too many businesses push their luck and try to get 5 -7 years out of equipment that was really only built to last 3 – 4. Any of the short-term savings gained by this penny-pinching method will be wiped out (and then some) by the disaster (hardware failure, security breach, etc.) that is sure to result from such neglect.

Radius Executive IT Solutions will keep track of the expected lifecycle of all your hardware and regularly assess your equipment to make sure nothing is in danger of failing. Hardware failure will force you to deal with downtime that brings productivity (and any potential earnings) to a dead halt.

Less downtime means happier clients and more productive employees, and more productive employees will allow you to easily meet (and even exceed) your revenue goals.

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Stop Cybercriminals from Running You Out of Business

Your most valuable asset isn’t your hardware, though. It’s your data.

That 300 million new threats/year figure we mentioned earlier is startling, but what’s even scarier is the fact that it only takes one threat to shut you down for good. If your security is compromised, the financial consequences can be too much to bear, as it takes an average of $150 per compromised file to recover.

$150 is nothing… but when you consider that thousands of files are compromised in the average attack, you’re looking at a potential six or seven-figure hit. That’s why 55% of small and medium-sized businesses are forced to shut down within just 6 months of an online security breach.

We’ll keep all your software updated and patched to iron out the most obvious vulnerabilities. We also proactively test your systems, always searching for weaknesses so that they can be found and fixed before they’re exploited by cybercriminals.

Radius Executive IT Solutions knows how to protect your data from the hundreds of millions of threats that are out there.

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