Radius Executive IT Solutions Cloud Consulting Will Help You Figure Out What the Hottest Trend in Computing Can Actually Do For You

“What is the cloud, exactly?”

That’s a question we hear time and time again, as it’s just about impossible to have a discussion about new developments in business technology without mentioning the cloud at some point. Indeed, such a conversation usually touches on the cloud more than any other subject. It’s the hottest trend in computing today.

Let’s start with a simple explanation: basically, “the cloud” is someone else’s server that you access remotely instead of using your own equipment. Cloud providers package their services in a number of ways: their clients may just be accessing programs on those servers (this is known as Software as a Service, and is the system used with Office 365, for example), or clients might be using that server space for their own purposes (known as Infrastructure as a Service).

“What can it do for my business?”

So, how does using someone else’s equipment actually benefit you? Well, the savings are what attract most businesses to cloud solutions: owning your own servers requires you to buy the servers themselves, and you also have to put up with never-ending maintenance and electricity costs. With the cloud, all those expenses are someone else’s problem.

And then there’s mobilization to consider: the cloud frees your employees from the office, allowing them to access their tools and business data from wherever they can find an internet connection. More availability means more work gets done, and a more productive workforce means you’ll have an easier time meeting your revenue goals.

Don’t Get Locked into a Single Vendor

For all its benefits, the cloud is not without its faults.

One common problem people have with the cloud is that it’s easy to become too committed to a single vendor. Once you’re finally set up a relationship with a vendor and they’re handling all your data, it becomes so much of a hassle to migrate once more to a competing cloud provider that many businesses simply stick with whatever they have even if their needs aren’t being met and they’re not happy with their service.

And depending on the initial contract you signed, you might not even have a choice even if you are willing to put up with a hassle…

If we assess your situation and believe that migrating to the cloud will benefit your business, Radius Executive IT Solutions will make sure that you never get locked into a vendor relationship you don’t want to be in.

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