Mobilize Your Workforce and Maintain Data Security with Cloud File Sharing from Radius Executive IT Solutions

Radius Executive IT Solutions uses the cloud to reduce your IT expenses, but we doubt your IT budget is the biggest slice of your overall budget.

No, it’s more likely you spend more on the wages and benefits of your employees than anything else.

Cloud file sharing isn’t just a convenient way to collaborate: it allows you to get more value out of your greatest investment of all, your workforce. Employees can use the cloud to access business data outside the workplace and share files with their smartphone or laptop wherever else they can find an internet connection. More availability means more tasks will get done, projects will be completed faster, and you’ll have an easier time meeting your revenue goals.

Keeping Your Sensitive Data Secure

Keeping sensitive data secure is a priority for all businesses, as losing other people’s information that’s stored on your network will result in some expensive legal troubles. It’s especially a concern for healthcare organizations, as they face that same potential for class-action lawsuits and also huge HIPAA fines (up to $1.5 million per provision violated) if PHI is ever compromised.

The problem with working over unsecured, public Wi-Fi is that it opens you up to security threats if you don’t take appropriate measures to protect yourself. Anyone else could be using that same connection, possibly even a cybercriminal who knows how to turn a shared connection into an opportunity for them to make their way onto your network and steal sensitive business data.

Radius Executive IT Solutions knows how to keep your mobile devices secure, so you can enjoy the convenience of the cloud without having to worry about compromising network security.

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