Cybersecurity Services for Insurance Agencies

Studies show only 20% of insurance agency CEOs believe that their firm is prepared for an attack. Are you ready to defend against advanced, sophisticated threats?

An international business auditing firm found that only 20% of insurance agency CEOs believe their firm is prepared for an attack. Moreover, 42% realize that cybersecurity is a very serious concern – even more of a concern than regulatory risk. So what can you do to stay safe as an insurance agency? The 21st-century consumer looks for quick and easy customer service, and nowadays, technology is the way to make that happen – allowing you to make strategic operational changes that modernize your firm.

But more technology tends to bring more risks in terms of creating more opportunities for cybercriminals to hack the network. It’s all about striking the right balance between innovation and security. So how do you do that? Where can you turn when you’re struggling with staying safe against a myriad of threats?

We help insurance agencies strike the right balance between innovation and security – helping them take advantage of technologies to make strategic operational changes without leaving the door open for cybercriminals.

As insurance agencies grow, they tend to start looking towards technology to alleviate the challenge of time-consuming, repetitive tasks. We agree that embracing technology is the way to go, but it’s important to make sure you’re taking precautions to secure your network against attacks. In the past, banks and other financial institutions were targeted at an incredibly rate. But they’ve wised up and become some of the most secure companies.

Now, cybercriminals are moving onto “low-hanging fruit” – insurance agencies like yours.

Why? Because you store a massive amount of personal and financial data that can be incredibly lucrative for cybercriminals who steal and sell it on the dark web. As an insurance agency, it’s your legal responsibility to protect all the information you’ve stored. In some cases, you may be governed by HIPAA or GDPR and you must comply. That’s where our cybersecurity services come in:

  • Anti-virus scans run on a regular basis to detect and eliminate any and all malicious activity right away.
  • Web-content filtering to protect against malicious websites as access to and from these websites is blocked.
  • Intrusion detection software to monitor the network for violations of policies and/or threats that are trying to evade detection.
  • Dark web monitoring to find confidential data posted to the dark web in the past or alert you of occurrences in the future.
  • Regular cybersecurity training for employees to help them learn about the latest threats, best practices, and more.
  • Enterprise-grade firewalls selected and implemented to keep you safe against any sort of ransomware, malware, etc.
  • Data backup and business continuity planning to keep your data and applications backed up and recoverable in a moment’s notice.

We also provide remote and onsite support whenever your staff members need a hand to resolve frustrating technology issues and/or errors.

It’s time to assess your entire environment and start safeguarding each and every entry point.

We know the insurance industry inside and out. After all, we’ve been working with insurance agencies for quite a while. We know the technologies you depend on and we’ve seen firsthand which entry points cybercriminals tend to target. We’ve seen the following areas be targeted:

  • Policy and claims systems
  • Agency portals
  • Online policy applications
  • Web- and mobile-based applications

As insurers are finding new and more efficient ways to manage and analyze data, cybercriminals are following suite – creating sophisticated forms of malware that get into these complex systems.

Let’s talk about our cybersecurity services for insurance agencies. Contact us. We know the insurance industry inside and out – we can help you stay safe.

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