HIPAA Compliance & Cybersecurity Support

Alliance Health and Human Services is a registered 501(c)3 not-for-profit corporation.

Their operations fall under two distinct service arms: health services (including skilled nursing facilities, outpatient therapy clinics, and hospice) in Massachusetts; and foster care, which connects children with medical and behavioral challenges with foster parents in Rhode Island, Virginia, and California.

For years, Alliance Health and Human Services have partnered with Radius Executive IT Solutions for end-to-end IT support and management.

“Anything from servers to cybersecurity training comes from Radius Executive IT Solutions,” says Sherlyn Fenton, Director of Quality & Compliance.

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HIPAA Compliance & Cybersecurity Support

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HIPAA Compliance & Cybersecurity

“I count on them to make sure all our security layers are in place,” says Sherlyn.

As the Compliance Officer for Alliance Health and Human Services, one of Sherlyn’s top priorities is ensuring that the organization is confidently HIPAA-compliant. HIPAA compliance is a fundamental consideration for any company or organization that deals with the transfer of confidential patient information.

Failure to uphold HIPAA regulations and meet HIPAA compliance standards can result in huge fines and penalties for healthcare providers of all kinds. Healthcare organizations like Alliance Health and Human Services deal in the most valuable data on the market: medical information.

This is why cybercrime is so prevalent in the healthcare sector. Single healthcare records can be sold for as much as $250–$300 apiece on the dark web. FireEye researchers have noticed an increase in targeted attacks against healthcare organizations that house large amounts of valuable patient data.

Obviously, HIPAA compliance is important to Sherlyn and the Alliance Health and Human Services team. HIPAA compliance has a long list of requirements, and overlooking even a single one can mean serious consequences for a practice like Alliance Health and Human Services.

Radius Executive IT Solutions knows how complicated HIPAA compliance is, and how organizations like Alliance Health and Human Services would rather be focusing on caring for their patients. That’s why Radius Executive IT Solutions has developed a comprehensive compliance IT service to help clients like this stay in line with HIPAA.

“With Radius Executive IT Solutions, I feel very confident,” says Sherlyn.

Comprehensive Cybersecurity Training

Cybersecurity and HIPAA compliance are major priorities for organizations in the healthcare sector like Alliance Health and Human Services. Cybercriminals target companies like this every day in order to steal valuable patient health information.

That’s why Alliance Health and Human Services and organizations like it are subject to HIPAA compliance regulations and strict cybersecurity standards. These safeguards ensure they are properly protecting patient data.

It’s important to note that cybersecurity is about more than just technology. A majority of cybersecurity technologies offered today include the best in software, from firewalls to anti-malware to data encryption and more, but it’s not enough on its own.

It’s important to remember how critical the user is in all cybersecurity efforts. The best cybersecurity technology and practices in the world can be undone by one staff member who doesn’t understand how to use them, or how to protect the data they work with.

That’s why Radius Executive IT Solutions also trains Alliance Health and Human Services users in cybersecurity best practices. Our comprehensive cybersecurity training program teaches their medical staff how to handle a range of potential situations:

  • How to identify and address suspicious emails, phishing attempts, social engineering tactics, and more.
  • How to use business technology without exposing data and other assets to external threats by accident.
  • How to respond when they suspect that an attack is occurring or has occurred.

“They measure the engagement of the training too,” says Sherlyn. “As a compliance officer, I can see exactly where our company is situated.”

In her role as Compliance Officer, Sherlyn needs to be sure that every staff member at Alliance Health and Human Services understands the role they play in cybersecurity and compliance. Our cybersecurity training service gives Sherlyn full visibility into the progress made by each team member, so she can address any shortcomings before they result in a security breach or put their compliance at risk.

Patient & Approachable IT Support

Customer service quality isn’t usually the first consideration when it comes to IT support, but it’s undeniably important. In fact, 90% of Americans consider the quality of customer service to be a key factor in deciding who to work with.

“There are certain common IT personalities that can be very condescending,” says Sherlyn. “I have worked with IT people that can be very patronizing.”

Communication is foundational to effective customer service. Unfortunately, many IT professionals are ineffective communicators. They don’t know how to explain solutions to end users without being condescending or overly complicated.

That’s not the case with Radius Executive IT Solutions—when working with Alliance Health and Human Services’s end users, they always know how to cater their solutions to the specific needs of the person they’re helping.

Furthermore, Sherlyn values that the Radius Executive IT Solutions team is always honest. If they don’t have a suitable answer for a given question, they don’t make something up—they do the work to find the answer, and then follow up right away.

“They’re all professional, patient and approachable,” says Sherlyn.

“I Couldn’t Ask For A Better IT Company.”

Working with Radius Executive IT Solutions, the Alliance Health and Human Services staff is confident they made the right choice this time. They now have an IT partner that directly manages everything IT-related in their business.

It’s this quality of support that allows the Alliance Health and Human Services staff to focus on delivering the best possible experience for their patients. They don’t have to worry about their IT—they can trust that Radius Executive IT Solutions is taking care of it.

“I couldn’t ask for a better IT company,” says Sherlyn.

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