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With constantly changing data security laws, is your company compliant? IT governance is a key aspect of your IT management. Here’s how to keep your data safe.  

When we think about governance in the corporate world, it brings up images of board rooms and executive decisions about how to create value for shareholders while maintaining and managing company performance. In the IT realm, governance takes on a different role. It refers to the storage and transfer of vital—often critical—data that each business uses or receives on a daily basis. IT governance determines how your Boston-based company maintains compliance with the many laws and regulations protecting user data. Whether you use or store personal, financial, or health data, IT governance should be a top priority for your organization. Not sure where to begin? Here are several reasons to consider IT governance consulting services in Boston.

Managing Financial Information and PCI Compliance

PCI, or payment card industry compliance involves the way in which we manage and store a consumer’s credit card information. If your business processes, stores, or transmits credit card data or completes other types of electronic payments, it is important to ensure you are compliant with the PCI standards and regulations. By not following the standards set by the PCI Standards Council, you could be putting cardholder information—and your company—at risk.

PCI isn’t the only standard for managing financial information. The Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLBA) controls the manner in which financial institutions safeguard sensitive consumer data. Part of the act is the requirement for businesses to openly report on their information-sharing practices, a regulation that requires continual analysis and management of IT systems and structure.

Radius Executive IT Solutions provides IT governance consulting to mitigate any risks to your business and your customers. By implementing a thorough review of your payment structures and storage methods, our experts help create a strategy of compliance so you are continually protected.

HIPAA Regulations for Healthcare Companies

IT governance goes beyond financial information. If your company has any access to personal health information, regular management of how that information is communicated across networks or stored will ensure you stay compliant with both national and local regulations. If you aren’t sure what those regulations are or how your IT system stores or uses data, it is time to consider IT governance consulting services in Boston. Managed IT services provide consistent, professional management of your network, servers, devices, and particularly, your compliance.

State and National Compliance

IT governance consulting services in Boston ensure you and your company are complying with the local, as well as national laws. What regulations do you need to be aware of for your Boston-area company? Massachusetts law 201 CMR 17.00 is just one example of local protections that every company must consider when it comes to IT governance. Any company that uses or stores personal information about a Massachusetts resident must have a written and regularly audited plan regarding their methods of protecting that data. Working with IT professionals and managed IT services provides peace of mind that your audit and written plan are continually updated according to best practices, the highest cybersecurity standards, and any changes in the law.

National laws are also in place to protect personal and corporate data. The Department of Defense established the Cyberseurity Maturity Model Certification to ensure their private contractors follow a minimum requirement of data protection. Increases in cyber threats and attacks have put the government on high alert, mandating best practices for keeping any government information secure.

Local IT Governance Consulting for Your Business

The best way to stay ahead of changes in compliance and the extraordinary amount of regulations for data security is to look for IT governance consulting services in Boston. Radius Executive IT Solutions offers both consulting services and all-encompassing managed IT services to keep your company’s IT compliant, secure, and effective. By working with local IT experts, you are guaranteed the best protection for both state and national regulations, as well as customized, readily available support for your Boston-based company.

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