Tips for Hiring an IT Services Company in the Boston Area

Things to keep in mind when hiring an IT provider in Boston

The idea of hiring a professional IT company can offer huge productive potential to businesses of all shapes and sizes. However, the actual process of hiring an IT provider often leaves business leaders stressed and overwhelmed. It doesn’t have to be this way. When you have the right information at your disposal, knowing how to choose the right IT company is much simpler than you might think.

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Benefits of Hiring the Right Boston IT Company

When businesses decide to outsource the management and optimization of their IT infrastructure to a team of professionals, they can reap huge benefits. No matter the size or shape of the business or the industry, hiring an IT professional can help companies do more with less, while saving time and money. We’re hoping to help local businesses understand why hiring the right Boston IT services company can be a game-changer.

Some of the business benefits of hiring the right Boston IT company include:

  • Increased uptime
  • Reduced overhead costs
  • Boosts to team productivity and communication
  • Strategic innovation & security
  • Competitive positioning in a crowded and fast-paced business scene

Convinced yet? If you are, you’re probably wondering how you should approach finding and hiring the right Boston IT company. The search and hiring and process can seem daunting – especially when you’re not an IT professional yourself. How are you to know what questions to ask or how to determine whose qualified? Don’t sweat it – we’ve got you covered.

Everything You Need to Consider When Hiring a Boston IT Company

When you start your search for reliable IT services companies in Boston, it’s critical to have a strategic approach. A huge part of this approach includes knowing what you should expect from different providers – both in terms of specific IT support services and customer service style. While it’s a great idea to go into your search with a clear idea of what your specific business IT needs are, it’s also a good idea to consider providers that offer a wide range of IT services that can be customized to meet your needs.

The best-case scenario is when all these services are offered separately or bundled in a managed service package so you can choose whichever option suits your needs. Regardless of whether you only want certain solutions or a fully-managed experience, worthwhile Boston IT providers will offer all the services you need to remain productive and competitive.

Here’s the top things your Boston IT services company should offer:

  • Specified, break-fix support for software and hardware

Make sure that the IT provider you hire will be able to address your IT problems efficiently and strategically. Your IT provider should have the experience and expertise necessary to help you fix broken hardware or non-functional software and they should be able to do it in a way that avoids as much downtime as possible. Even more important? They should have a least a base-line degree of specified knowledge to help you fix specific software programs or hardware devices.

  • Network monitoring, management, and maintenance

Your business network is the backbone of your entire operational organization. Without a functional, secure, and fully managed network, your team won’t have the resources they need to stay productive and serve clients. The IT provider you hire should be committed to keeping your network consistently monitored, managed, and maintained. This means scanning for vulnerabilities, patching security gaps, and ensuring optimal functionality at all times.

  • Strategic planning & IT project execution

The whole point of hiring an IT company is to outsource the optimization of technology to the pros. Your company should have the support it needs to research and implement new and strategic solutions that will help your business thrive in the long run. Find an IT provider who is committed to helping you plan strategically for the long haul. They should help you understand which new technologies are worth investing in and which aren’t worth your time. They should also be able to help you implement and manage any new solutions you decide to invest in.

  • Data security & disaster recovery

It’s no secret that data security and disaster recovery are possibly the most critical components of IT for business. If the data that you store, access, and transmit isn’t properly and consistently secured, you’re leaving your data and your business’ livelihood open to major risk. Make sure the IT provider you hire has a strong handle on dynamic IT security and data back-ups. Also, be sure that your IT provider can help you plan ahead for responding to the worst-case scenario in a way that avoids disruption.

  • Cloud migration & optimization

The Cloud has truly changed the way many businesses operate and get work done. Remote access can be a huge benefit for businesses who want to chase productivity and profitability from beyond the confines of the office. Whether you’re already using the Cloud or have been thinking of ways to make use of Cloud technology, be sure to find a partner who has the expertise and experience to help you optimize your Cloud solutions for scalability and security.

Ready to Hire? Final Tips for Hiring a Reliable IT Services Company in Boston

Now that you know what a reliable IT company in Boston should offer, it’s time to start your search. Remember to prioritize customer service as well. As you talk to different providers, be sure to pay attention to the approach they take to customer service. You shouldn’t settle for anything less and personalized and supportive service, from end to end.

When you’re ready to hire, make sure you put as much thought and effort into the hiring process that you did into the search for the right provider. Right before you make the final hire, be sure to do some final vetting to make sure the provider you’ve chosen is the best fit for your business – both in terms of technical support and customer service.

When you start the hiring process with a Boston IT company, make sure to vet the provider you choose by:

  • Asking specific questions – Ask questions and don’t be afraid to get specific. Brainstorm questions ahead of time and make sure you get all the answers you need, in a language you can understand.
  • Asking for references – Ask the provider to provide references from past or existing clients that can attest to their competence and level of service. References from businesses in your industry is the best-case scenario.
  • Communicating clearly – Be sure to explain your needs clearly to the provider you hope to hire. More importantly, be sure they communicate to you exactly how they will meet and exceed those needs.
  • Doing your research – Make sure you know everything you need to know about the company, what they offer, and the value they provide.

If you’re looking to hire an IT services company in Boston, don’t hesitate to reach out to the team of tech professionals at Radius Executive IT Solutions. Our team has the experience and expertise necessary to help your business stay productive, competitive, and secure. Reach our team anytime at (978) 528-0110 or via email at

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