Mobile Device Management Helps Insurance Agencies

Insurance agents are facing intense competition, and nowadays, clients demand personalized experiences at competitive rates. For many insurance companies, embracing enterprise mobility isn’t an option – it’s a necessity wherein they must provide agents with mobile devices that have access to data and applications, in order to ensure they’re able to serve clients in an effective manner. But how do you keep your clients data safe when you’re leveraging all sorts of mobile devices? After all, the volume of data you’re collecting and storing is increasing at a rapid rate. You’re likely holding a ton of policyholder information, including:

  • Personal information
  • Credit scores
  • Banking information
  • And much more

All of This Incredibly Valuable Information is Made Accessible to Agents Right on Their Mobile Devices – Making the Risk of Fraudulent Activity or Data Breaches Higher Than Ever Before.

Unfortunately, insurance companies need to face the facts: Enterprise mobility introduces a whole new set of risks that need to be factored in. A cyber-attack is not only expensive and inconvenient, it’s enough to take down an entire insurance company as the aftermath goes above and beyond a bit of downtime:

  • The cost of recovering equipment and/or lost data
  • The cost of lost productivity time
  • The damaged client trust
  • The negative impact to the agency’s reputation

A Mobile Device Management Solution Keeps Your Insurance Agents Mobile While Minimizing the Risk of Unauthorized Access.

All it takes is a simple mistake to result in disclosure of your confidential client information. An employee loses their laptop at the airport or accesses a public wi-fi network that’s not secure, then all of the sudden, your confidential client information falls into the wrong hands. A mobile device management solution keeps your insurance agents mobile while minimizing the risk of unauthorized access. How does it work? A mobile device management solution enables you to:

  1. Monitor all mobile devices used for corporate purposes.
  2. Remote lock and/or wipe any mobile device that’s lost or stolen.
  3. Use location tracking to locate agents and/or find lost or stolen mobile devices.
  4. Safeguard all confidential client information stored on mobile devices with encryption.

Essentially, your agents are able to work in a fully connected manner without all of the risk. Just imagine the opportunities available to you when you’re able to provide remote access in a secure manner. An agent can pull up an insurance policy document and get it signed within minutes using digital signatures – meaning they’re able to pull in more clients with less work (and chance of losing clients due to delays in application processing).

Embracing Enterprise Mobility Doesn’t Have To Leave You Open to HUGE Risks. A Mobile Device Management Solution Gives Your Agents the Remote Access They Need While Keeping Client Information Safe. Call (978) 528-0110.

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