Nonprofit Organization In Boston, MA Works With Radius For All IT Management

Struggling to find the right IT company to manage your nonprofit’s technology? A nonprofit organization in Boston, MA recently got in touch with Radius for this exact reason — here’s what we did for them.

Managing a nonprofit organization is a difficult process. Resources are limited, and therefore even more valuable than in profitable companies. When the margins are thin and the operation is small and efficient, expenditures to keep your IT systems running properly can be difficult to justify.

That’s why this nonprofit organization in Boston, MA got in touch with our team. They wanted to outsource their IT management, at a rate they could afford:

“I’m with a non-profit located in Boston and we are currently looking for a new managed services company. Is this something we can meet to discuss?”

They sent us this message on our  website’s 24/7 chat feature, and our representative immediately started the process of arranging a meeting with our team:

“I recommend you speak with one of our Client Service Representatives who can best answer your request in regards the managed IT service and recommend possible options for moving forward. They will contact you within 24 hours at the most (1 business day), or sooner.”

What Does This Nonprofit Organization In Boston, MA Get From Our IT Management Services?

Aligning IT With Their Goals

Technology is a resource in which nonprofits invest. You wouldn’t hire someone to work at your nonprofit without finding out what they can do, and figuring out where best they would fit in the organization, right?

It should work the same way with your technology. It’s critical that you align technology to your organizational goals so that you’re not wasting money or technology you’ve already bought

But, how do you know what the right technology is? You could do the homework yourself. That’s assuming you have the time to do so, and a sufficient understanding of technology to do so, which you likely don’t.

That’s why this nonprofit came to us — we have experience working with nonprofits and can provide an IT assessment that will examine the technology this client uses and what’s lacking in relation to their culture, process, and financial requirements. This will generate greater value for their organization while decreasing risk.

Increasing Communication With The Public

Given how much their nonprofit interacts with the public, both in terms of the support it delivers and the funds it receives, transparency should be a priority. IT, and our support, can help them do that – advances in modern technology have made high-quality digital cameras very affordable, allowing them to capture your team’s efforts and share them with the world. A robust website, in combination with social media platforms, can act as a modern PR office, connecting them with their community and new donors

Making Use Of The Cloud

Moving to the cloud is as necessary as it is challenging. Like many other nonprofits, this client was still relying on extremely outdated technology before they got in touch with us. This could have been as a way to save money, or it could be simply out of a desire to stick with what they know. However, the reality is that upgrading doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive or difficult.

With today’s newer, cloud-based and more flexible IT infrastructure solutions, their nonprofit can have the technology you need at a fraction of the cost of purchasing it. With our expert assistance, their team will harness the strategic advantages offered by the cloud — efficiency, agility, and scalability — without taking on any risks that come with a poorly planned and executed migration.

Strategizing Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity cannot be overlooked – improperly secured technology can put their donors, and their mission at risk

Case in point – in the final weeks of 2019, a number of non-profits were forced to pay out half a million dollars to cybercriminals. The Stickley Museum at Craftsman Farms in Parsippany, the Shakespeare Theatre of New Jersey in Madison, and the Museum of Early Trades and Crafts, also in Madison, were all victims of a ransomware attack that targeted their shared IT company

That’s why cybersecurity is so important for nonprofits. The best way to approach it is with a comprehensive plan, which we provide for this nonprofit, helping them to determine exactly what data or security breach regulations could affect them, how to respond to data loss, and how to train employees and contractors.

Radius Provides IT Management For Nonprofits

Don’t assume that you can’t afford the IT management your nonprofit needs. Our IT services offer an economy of scale – instead of having to pay outright to purchase and own something, you pay a fraction of the cost on a regular basis for full access to it when you need it. When you choose to work with our team of IT experts, you’re able to realize the true value of technology.

Here’s how to get started with Radius:

  1. Get in touch with our team and arrange a free consultation at a time that works for you.
  2. Tell us what you need from your IT and your IT support.
  3. Enjoy the more reliable and responsive IT support you get from our team.

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