Radius Executive IT Solutions is always looking for new ways to help our clients.

pointclickThat includes developing relationships with vendors so that we can offer our clients the best deals and the highest degree of support for the software they use regularly.

The latest partnership we’ve secured is with PointClickCare.

Who is PointClickCare? What do they do?

“As a result of significant changes in the senior care industry, providers are increasingly seeking out solutions and services to continue to provide the best in care as they grow and adapt their businesses”, explains Mike Wessinger PointClickCare CEO.

PointClickCare is the market leader in cloud-based solutions for senior care and provides its partners with access to over 9,000 facilities in the United States and Canada. With millions of baby boomers leaving middle age and settling into a stage of life where they’ll need more care, anyone who provides healthcare to seniors is going to all the help they can get. The latest technology, including electronic health records, is incredibly helpful.

But technology can also be complicated. It can be a hassle. It doesn’t have to be, though.

Radius Executive IT Solutions and PointClickCare makes IT easy. We’ll establish a single sign-on solution for all your applications so that your users only have to remember one password, and we’ll stay on top of all patches and updates and tweak your software so that everything is reliable and running as fast as possible.

Also, not following the online security regulations established by HIPAA could cost you as much as $1.5 million per provision violated. We’ll make sure your network is secure so that you can avoid any possible seven figure fines in addition to the already devastating financial consequences (read: class action lawsuits) of an online security breach.
You’ve got plenty of IT support options to choose from in Boston. If you provide care to seniors, you’d be best off going with an IT company that has relevant partnerships and knows how to implement and support the tech tools you use every day. That’s what Radius Executive IT Solutions does.

Give us a call at (978) 523-2174 or send a message over to info@radiusits.com for more information about our IT services.