What Are Outstanding Ways to Protect PHI with Breakthrough Technology?

When it comes to providing IT support to clinics, hospitals and healthcare organizations in Massachusetts, Radius provides premier services and safeguards patients’ Personal Health Information. We know our clients are counting on us to help them maintain compliance with federal privacy laws, so we hold ourselves to an even higher standard.

Protecting PHI in healthcare clinic

A data breach doesn’t just wreak havoc on computer systems and data. It comes with serious financial consequences. Healthcare providers that experience a security breach that compromises PHI may face fines and legal expenses. First, a successful breach can impact thousands of files. This can result in a class-action lawsuit that can cost millions to settle. On top of that, HIPAA can fine healthcare providers up to $1.5 million for each security regulation violated.

That’s why we use diligence and solid technology to keep cyber criminals away from patient data.

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What Are the Main Ways to Ensure HIPAA Compliance?

Radius uses a three-prong approach to cover each area that HIPAA covers:

  • Physical Safeguards: Part of attaining HIPAA compliance involves controlling access to your computer workstations and other access points to user data. Providers need to know who is entering, transferring or reusing electronic files and data containing ePHI.
  • Technical Protections: Radius puts processes in place to limit access to PHI. Our strategy includes automatic logoffs as well as encryption and decryption protocols to protect transferred data. Our customers benefit from our diligence — we perform audits and track activity so we can always trace the source of security violations.
  • Policies: Radius Executive IT Solutions stores off-site backups so that patient data is always available. If the hospital or other medical provider experiences a hardware failure or natural disaster, we can always get you running with the latest copy from the cloud.
  • Transmission Security: Files are often transferred via HTTP, email or through a private network, This can put sensitive data at risk. Radius puts procedures and processes in place to secure data so your clients are never compromised.

What Does Radius Do for Its Business Clients?

We equip healthcare providers with the right technology to quickly process transactions without compromising privacy and security requirements. A number of things can bring a system down, not just malware and hackers. If hardware failure, storms or power outages take your system offline, we get you back up and running quickly to ensure your staff can return to business as usual.

Our solutions maximize workforce productivity so you have a better shot at meeting revenue goals, even when there’s a problem. We can do a lot of things remotely, but we’re just as ready to come to your location to deal with whatever’s going on at your office. Of course, we always protect the security and compliance requirements surrounding HIPAA and other regulations.

What Advantages Does Radius Offer Over Competitors in Massachusetts?

We speak plainly so that our clients understand what’s going on with their technology solutions. We don’t engage in techno-babble you need a degree in computer science to understand. You can expect straight answers and honesty in all our dealings.

We also help your employees use technology effectively. Thanks to our experienced staff, we are able to walk from the server room to the boardroom and translate how your technology could be working better for your practice, your patients and your bottom line. We also understand the unique confidentiality and privacy requirements of dealing with patient health information; we are committed to tightening up your system to avoid any problems with security.

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