How to Quickly Find a Reliable Boston IT Services Company Focused on Your Business, Today

Every business is different, and finding the right MSP for your company can be a challenge. Learn which qualities to look for to find the right MSP to meet your needs today.  

Managed Service Providers (MSP) help budding and growing companies address their technology needs in a way that makes sense from a cost and practical perspective. An MSP can partner with your company’s existing IT department or staff to create a team of professionals that will work together to propel your business forward.

For many companies, it makes sense to have both an in-house staff and an outside source to help you maintain services, computers, and your network. However, finding the right MSP that understands what your company needs can present a challenge.

When looking for an MSP that works for you and your business, you should consider the following attributes. Think about each of these in the context of your unique needs for your company.

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Although you likely do not personally work 24-hours per day, some members of your team may be working at any time. This is especially true if your team is located all over the world or you outsource any of your services.

Even if your workforce does not depend on your technology at all times, your network likely needs to be up and available 24-hours per day, seven days a week. When you are looking for an MSP, you really need someone that will be available when you need them. For many people, that means every single day.

Response Time and Service

When something goes wrong, you need to fix it quickly to get back to business as usual. That means that if something goes down, you need to be able to get in touch with your provider right away to report it. You also need to know that your problem will be addressed immediately.

Be sure that your MSP does not outsource calls to a call center that cannot help you. You want to talk to someone that can help you right away. A guaranteed response time can be a good sign.

Disaster Recovery Services

For many people, part of the reason that they got an MSP in the first place is to deal with issues if something terrible happens—such as if you lose all of your data because of a weather-related disaster or hacker.

A good MSP will work with you to create a plan for your data and other information if the unthinkable happens. They will not wait for you to request it; they will make it a priority because they know that it is a focus of your business.

Budget Planning and Predictability

Every business, but particularly smaller companies, are budget conscious. Your MSP should always be mindful of your budget, and they should work with you to create a service plan or package that not only fits your needs, but also fits your budget. That plan should also only vary from year to year from a cost standpoint if you make changes.

Being able to sit down with an expert in the field can be a huge advantage to plan for your business’s future from both a technology and a budget standpoint. They can help you save money and improve efficiency that can help your company get to the next level.

Security Testing and Monitoring

Security is important to every business. You have information like payment methods, names, addresses, and more. Depending on the industry, certain client information can be very harmful if it gets out, such as in the healthcare industry, for example.

Your MSP should offer good security by providing both testing and monitoring to help prevent hackers and cyber-criminals from accessing your data. Any MSP should help you establish the best possible protection for your company.

Local On-Site Maintenance and Support

Having a local business help you with your technology can be invaluable. You can call them to your location as needed, and that type of action ensures that you get the best service possible.

If having a local support team is not an option for you for any reason, you should have access to your MSP through various means of communication, including video calls and chat. Being able to show someone a problem through a video call can be a huge benefit to increase effective communication.

Every company is different, and that means that their technology needs are different. Having an MSP that uniquely fits your company is a must if you want to succeed and grow as a company. Finding the right MSP means looking for these attributes and others that will foster your business.

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