Boost Productivity In The Remote Workplace

Remote work has become the new norm during the COVID-19 pandemic, and it comes with its own set of challenges for employees and managers. Have you been able to manage your remote staff effectively?

How has your staff’s adaptation to remote work been so far?

The fact is that it doesn’t come naturally to everyone. This new era of remote working has led to the types of issues that managers would have addressed directly in the workplace. It’s not so easy now that you’re cut off from your team members.

A recent study has found that new remote workers across the country are encountering a series of challenges in their daily work life:

  • 19% experience loneliness
  • 17% have difficulty communicating and collaborating
  • 8% have trouble staying motivated

That’s why it’s more important than ever for managers to strategize and implement new processes to keep their remote workers motivated and productive.

Boost Productivity In The Remote Workplace

Tips For Promoting An Engaged And Productive Remote Workforce

  • Use A Time-Tracking Tool. Time-tracking software can be a powerful tool, especially for remote workers. In a home environment, cut off from coworkers, it can be easy to lose track of time on one task. Give your team some insight into their at-home time management.
  • Promote Accountability. Try having your team share to-do lists with one another to promote accountability in their work. Have staff members pair up and meet on a regular basis to talk through what they’ve achieved, and how they can improve.
  • Plan For The Long Run. Make sure to set your employees’ expectations properly about remote work. This could be the new norm for a while, and so, they need to invest time and effort in being effective remote workers, not just “getting by”. The same goes for any new hires you may bring on – conduct interviews and train them with remote work in mind.
  • Set Firm Working Hours. Your team may be working from home, but that doesn’t mean they’re on call 24/7 now. Make sure to set and follow working hours. Emails and items that come up in the evenings or early morning can and should be left until the start of the working day.
  • Make Sure They’re Working In The Right Space. Make sure that wherever you’re going to work is comfortable, distraction-free, and as in-line with your normal workplace as possible. You may need to invest in an office chair, or even, depending on your work, a second monitor.
  • Make Sure They Can See One Another. In the office, everyone would see each other just by being there. In a remote setting, email and phone calls don’t provide the same level of connection. Make sure to hold video meetings with staff, clients, and other contacts when possible.
  • Promote Balance In Their Workday. Make sure that your staff is striking the right balance at home. Just as they shouldn’t be slacking off because they’re not being supervised, they also shouldn’t overwork themselves. Make sure everyone is taking breaks to decompress, stretch, stay hydrated, and relax.
  • Make Sure Everyone Knows The Plan. Communication protocols are especially important right now. Without being told to do so, some staff members will update you multiple times a day. Others will follow a “no news is good news” mindset. Make sure to dictate policy for how and when communication is to take place every day.
  • Get Them Collaborating With One Another. Getting your staff to work in groups on projects won’t just promote a productive workplace – it will help you develop a healthier one too. As mentioned before, your team will benefit from any opportunities they have to connect with one another.
  • Make Sure They Socialize. Switching from a full office to their quiet house can be difficult for workers – don’t forget to schedule a time for business and casual communication. Your employees should still communicate on a regular basis with one another and with you.

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