MatrixCare for Long Term Care

Providers looking for LTC EMRs know that long term care settings are very different from hospitals and physicians’ offices. EMRs developed for acute or ambulatory care settings have very different functionality from those designed for LTC settings. They may not convert to long term care use. This is why you should look for an EMR/EHR that is specifically designed for the clinical and operational needs of LTC settings. And when you do, take a look at MatrixCare.

Have You Checked Out MatrixCare For Your LTC Facility?

MatrixCare solutions have powered the long-term care continuum for over 30 years. They are the largest LTPAC technology provider and the first to offer a true fully integrated, full-spectrum EHR solution. MatrixCare EHR has care setting features to help senior living communities and long term care facilities deliver care and manage occupancy, readmissions, revenue, the cost of care and much more.

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What Features Are Included In MatrixCare?

Popular components include a meal tracker, time tracker and claims management. Users can also record residential incidents and injuries, create caregiver task sheets and automate service plans.

Financial tools show budgets versus real-time revenue and expense data.

When you enroll in the nutrition management program, you can use the meal tracker to track residents’ nutrition intake. You’ll have diet guides that include basic diet information, needs and preferences and the order of food consumption. This helps when planning and managing daily food needs.

The marketing suite has tools to track leads, generate reports and manage referrals. Clinical and resident management capabilities allow you to record residential incidents and injuries, create caregiver task sheets and automate service plans.

Financial and operational tasks are facilitated through budgeting tools that show budgets versus real-time revenue and expense data. There’s also a marketing suite you can use to track leads, generate reports and manage referrals.

What Other Specialties Does MatrixCare Serve?

MatrixCare is used in more than 13,000 facility-based care settings and 2,500 homecare/home health and hospice organizations. MatrixCare’s solutions help skilled nursing and senior living providers, life plan communities (CCRCs), and home health organizations to prosper as they migrate to a fee-for-value healthcare system.

Is MatrixCare Available In The Cloud?

MatrixCare is a cloud-based EMR with features to help long-term care, and senior living communities deliver care and help manage occupancy, revenues, cost of care, readmissions, and more.

Can You Pick And Choose Individual Modules?

MatrixCare offers the following modules that you can pick and choose from:

CareAssist: It allows for consistent delivery of resident-centered care, resulting in safer medication management and improved staff, resident, and family satisfaction.

Marketing: You can streamline your marketing efforts by pulling inquiries automatically from your website. The senior living CRM includes intuitive tools allowing you to track leads through predefined marketing outreach efforts from the initial inquiry to move-in. And since MatrixCare Marketing is browser independent, you can view important metrics anytime, anywhere, using any device with internet access and a browser.

RetailTracker: Capture charges by resident or employee then combine into the proper billing function, including meal plans and payroll deduction. You can create and change menus as needed. Increase resident satisfaction with order accuracy and efficiency, seating assignments that show the resident’s name, photo and seat location for accurate food delivery. Special dietary needs and food allergies are printable for each resident on kitchen tickets.

MealTracker: This includes management and reporting for cycle menus with diet guide breakdowns and in-depth resident dietary information including basic diet, consistency and preferences, recipe scaling, nutrition analysis, and cost analysis. It allows users to consistently provide residents with meals that accurately reflect their specific needs and preferences.

TimeTracker:  This is purpose-built for LTPAC providers to help drive better business outcomes by controlling labor costs, increasing staff productivity and minimizing compliance risk. Expertly manage your workforce with streamlined scheduling, real-time tracking of time and attendance, automated administration of absences and leaves and more.

ReferralConnect: This module delivers robust tools and intelligence so you can discover hidden referral sources, focus your marketing efforts and build sustainable relationships that attract even more referrals.

ClaimsManagement: The claims management tool allows providers to process claims easily and efficiently. Via the top-rate clearinghouse, Relay Health, MatrixCare Claims Management is connected to thousands of payers with a claims acceptance rate of more than 93% upon the first submission.

Direct: With this feature you can communicate through a HIPAA-secure, web-based email with colleagues and patients–send and receive encrypted health information over email without worry. MatrixCare Direct integrates seamlessly with any EHR, patient and email system so you can start communicating immediately.

Secure Mobile Messaging: MatrixCare Secure Mobile Messaging, powered by Cortext®, provides a HIPAA-secure and encrypted text messaging solution for both iOS and Android devices, as well as a web portal and a native Windows desktop application which offers all of the functionality of the mobile app.

Enterprise Financials: This is a comprehensive suite of robust, fully integrated modules for tracking and managing financial information, including Accounts Payable, General Ledger, Fixed Assets, Bank Reconciliation, Capital Projects, Purchase Orders, Inventory Management and F9 Reporting.

Payroll Plus: This is designed to accommodate multiple departments, pay rates and shifts. Our payroll accounting software adapts to unique payroll environments and can reduce expenses by eliminating outside payroll services.

Marketing Essentials: This provides the tools you need to increase residency and efficiencies within your community. It helps you capture sales leads and inquiries from your website and allows you to analyze what strategies work to simplify your budgeting and planning efforts. Their CRM is user-friendly and fully customizable based on your needs.

Why Is MatrixCare So Popular?

This long-term care EHR system helps skilled nursing and senior living providers, life plan communities (CCRCs) and home health organizations provide quality care to residents/patients.

Users like that MatrixCare because it’s user-friendly. It allows staff to complete tasks while giving more attention to residents and the delivery of quality care.

MatrixCare typically gets a 3.5 out of 5 stars from customers.

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