Taking Your Business to The Next Level With Microsoft 365

The success of a business can be attributed to a lot of things. There’s timing, product, customer service, and there are instances when it’s getting the right tools. See, no matter how good you are, you still need the right tools in order to maximize your expertise.

Take a veteran sculpture for example. They can easily create masterpieces with their preferred tools but they can only do so much with a blunt chisel.

In the world of business, you may have the best employees who excel in what they do but they will be severely limited when you don’t give them the right tools to ensure their success. But what tools and applications can they use to help them succeed? Can Microsoft 365 fill this role?

What is Microsoft 365?

There’s a big chance you might have heard of Microsoft 365 or if not, the brand Microsoft. Microsoft 365 is a collection of tools and applications from Microsoft. The suite contains various tools for collaboration, communication, and productivity. According to statistics, over 650,000 US companies use Microsoft 365 and the numbers are growing each day. Of all businesses that have decided to “take” their business to the cloud, more than half are using Microsoft 365.

So why are these businesses using Microsoft 365? There are a couple of options out there offering the same service like Microsoft 365 but they are the clear winners.

More than that, why should your business use Microsoft 365?

Top Reasons to Use Microsoft 365 for Your Business

Predictable Monthly Spend

Microsoft 365 is a subscription-based service. This means you pay for a monthly subscription (or yearly) for the level of service you need. They have different service tiers containing various tools and applications. You pick the service tier you need and multiply that with how many employees you have – that’s your monthly bill.

For businesses that want to keep an eye on their spending, this is godsent. Gone are the days when you see fluctuating expenses for various tools you need for the operations of your business. With just one look, you will know how much you need to allocate for the month. This gives you a chance to create realistic financial forecasts for your IT spending. Note that the monthly bill includes all upgrades which often becomes a hidden charge for other tools. You are also free to add or remove licenses depending on your needs.

Work Anywhere, Anytime

Microsoft 365 is a cloud service. This means the applications and data can be accessed by devices as long as they are connected to the Internet. Microsoft 365 can be installed on desktop computers, laptops, and even smartphones. This also means your workers can work just about anywhere.

Now, more than ever, companies are allowing employees to work remotely. The biggest concern is connectivity. How can employees work together when they are not within the same building? Microsoft 365 solves this problem by providing unparalleled access to the apps and content you have through the cloud. Employees can work together across miles as long as they are connected to the Internet.

Communication Without Borders

Instead of just giving your employees one way of communicating, how about giving them three? Microsoft 365 has 3 different tools specially made for communication – Skype, Outlook, and Teams. Skype for business is the perfect tool for conference calls and video or audio calls with staff or clients. Outlook is made specifically to handle emails while you can use Microsoft Teams for a persistent chat and overall communication.

A new tool called Yammer is also available for businesses to use as some form of social network for your organization. This can be an informal channel where your employees can communicate and connect with each other.

A Solution That Can Grow With You

As a business, you need a solution that can grow with you. Microsoft 365’s mix and match and subscription give businesses the option to scale and take Microsoft 365 with them. This custom solution approach ensures people get the apps they need and you only pay for what you are using. Need a new department for a new service offering? You can easily add licenses on a different service tier for that department.

The beauty of this all is that you don’t have to change tools when you see yourself getting bigger. It’s the same tools from when you had 5 employees up until you reach the 100 employee mark. No need to revise or change processes.

Solution With Security in its Core

If you are a business that handles sensitive data (including customer information) then you are a target for cyberhackers who are out to steal your data or hold it for ransom. With Microsoft 365, your data might be on the cloud but it is behind Microsoft’s patented security measures to prevent hacking and phishing. Here are a couple of the security features present in Microsoft 365:

  1. Email encryption – Emails are encrypted from one end and decrypted on another. This prevents other people, those who aren’t the intended receiver, from reading the content of your email.
  2. Advanced Threat Analytics – With the help of machine learning and analytics, Microsoft 365 can prevent any security issue before it even happens. For example, emails are scanned for any phishing links or malicious attachments as soon as it hits your network. The receiver can still read the email but the bad links and attachments will be removed.
  3. Mobile Device Management – With the proliferation of smartphones being used as work devices, it’s easy to lose data when a phone gets stolen or is lost. With MBM, you can secure and manage all Microsoft 365 data on a smartphone. In the event it goes missing or is stolen, you can remotely delete all data so it won’t go to the wrong hands.
  4. Data Loss Prevention – The last thing you need as a business is sensitive data leaving your organization to unauthorized parties. With Microsoft 365, you can use this feature to monitor outgoing emails. This way, emails containing information such as credit card numbers or social security numbers get blocked.

Microsoft 365 offers a secure and robust solution for all businesses. However, if you want to maximize your usage of Microsoft 365, you need the help of a trusted IT partner to set it up for you. If you are a business from New England or Boston then you can trust Radius Executive IT solutions.

Radius has proven strategies and approach that gives organizations the freedom to focus on what they do best while our devoted and talented IT team takes care of all IT-related issues. Call Radius today and ask how they can help you and your business transition to Microsoft 365.

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