Cutting Thru The Chatter With All The Tech Companies In Boston

What you should be looking for as you search for Boston tech companies

Tech Companies in Boston

Technology is evolving quicker than ever before. How are you and your team supposed to keep up? The reality is, you really don’t have to keep up with every new fad and big-hype tech solution. However, what you do need is a trusted professional on your side that can sift through emerging technologies and offer strategic IT consultation – advising you on what hardware, software, and Cloud solutions will position your business to remain competitive.

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Cutting Through the Noise – Checklists to Help You Choose a Boston Tech Company

When looking for a Boston tech company to support your business, you want to find a provider that will customize their services to optimize your IT infrastructure and consistently maintain a reliable and productive business network. Partnering with the right Boston tech company should immediately connect you with access to highly trained and experienced IT support professionals that have the advanced technical skills to deal with your network challenges effectively and efficiently.

But the search can sometimes seem like an uphill battle. With all the technical details clouding your vision, how are you supposed to know exactly what to look for? Further, how are you supposed to know which Boston tech company has the skills and customer service approach that will help your business soar? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Check out our straight-forward checklists below that will help you find the service and tech support you need and deserve.

First things first, the right Boston tech company will:

  • Help you tackle your tech challenges head on
  • Talk to you clearly and cut through the tech-jargon
  • Free up your staff from handling tedious tech issues
  • Allow your workforce to stay focused on mission-critical tasks

Next, the right Boston tech company should be committed to providing:

  • Reliable, round-the-clock support
  • Reduced downtime and increased uptime
  • Quick response times and efficient problem-solving
  • Strategic expertise and consultative planning
  • Peace of mind and secure networking strategies

Finally, let’s check out the top IT support services the right Boston tech company will offer:

The right IT provider will offer predictable and value-based IT services for a fixed monthly rate. With an affordable and valuable managed IT service package, you never have to worry about the expense of repairing a network or workstation problem again. The right team will ensure all your IT needs are fully managed and maintained.

Or maybe you already have in-house IT staff, but they need some back-up. Maybe your in-house IT staff are overburdened or need some additional expertise to troubleshoot complex or specialized problems. The right Boston tech company will offer dynamic co-managed service packages that give you and your IT staff instant access to a full array of IT experts, without outsourcing completely.

  • IT Security

The cybersecurity landscape is constantly changing and is currently more dangerous than ever before. The right Boston tech company will make sure you have all the protections in place to keep your network secure and protected. Between consistent monitoring and dynamic security strategies, the right provider will offer the peace of mind you need to stay focused on business in an increasingly hostile cybersecurity environment.

  • Office 365

Microsoft technology goes hand-in-hand with business, and Office 365 is the holy grail. Whether you already use Office 365 or you’re looking to deploy it, a reliable Boston tech company will ensure you have the platform implemented strategically and can access your applications from anywhere, anytime. They’ll also make sure your Office 365 platform is consistently optimized, updated, maintained, and secured.

  • Data Backup and Disaster Recovery

Online backups are an effective way to protect your data against theft, fire and natural disasters. A worthwhile Boston tech company will make sure you have strategic backups in place and that they’re working exactly as their designed to. Further, they’ll make sure that you have a detailed plan for recovering from disaster in the worst-case scenario.

  • IT Consulting & Strategic Planning

When looking for a Boston tech company, look for a provider that offers comprehensive IT consulting services that prioritize higher degrees of productivity, and ultimately, profitability. The right Boston IT provider is one that works side-by-side with third-party vendors to help you reduce bottom-line expenses and develop a customized plan to determine which hardware and software suppliers work best to suit your needs and your budget. Choose a provider that can offer anything from simple consultations all the way to more in-depth infrastructure management issues.

  • Cloud Services, Hosting & Domain Management

There’s no getting around it – the Cloud is continuing to dominate the business technology scene. As such, the right Boston tech company will be committed to ensuring your company is taking advantage of Cloud technology securely and effectively. They’ll work alongside you and your team to determine the Cloud solutions that will best support your business missions.

Putting These Checklists into Action – Finding the Right Boston Tech Company

Now that we’ve laid out the practical and technical things that a strategic and reliable tech company in Boston will provide, it’s time to start your hunt. Use the checklists we’ve created as a guide and be sure to go into your search with an idea of what kind of services and support you’re looking for.

Here’s some additional things to keep in mind when searching for tech companies in Boston:

  • The right provider will be strategic, but down-to-earth
  • The right provider will have a plan to unify all your devices in a cohesive network
  • The right provider will be forward thinking – with plans for mobility and scalability
  • The right provider will respect your budget and be value-focused
  • The right provider will be willing to customize their services to meet your needs

Don’t settle for less. You and your team deserve support from a Boston tech company that prioritizes value, strategy, and reliability. If you’re at the starting line of your search, don’t hesitate to reach out to the team of Boston tech experts at Radius Executive IT Solutions. Our team is committed to providing dynamic and reliable IT services to businesses throughout Boston and beyond. Touch base with our team anytime at (978) 528-0110 or

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