Radius Executive IT Solutions Helped Solve Trendware’s IT Support Challenge

Trendware is a small company that imports and distributes footwear materials across North and South America. The company also connects footwear raw material companies with big footwear brands like Puma, Timberland, Reebok, and new balance.

Trendware had a difficult time running its systems with the support of external companies. The company sourced IT services from different companies and the results were not satisfactory.

After a series of disappointing outsourced IT companies, Trendware turned to Radius Executive IT Solutions in hopes of getting a better outcome.  Ross, a Trendware representative, recommends Radius for the IT services they provide for their small business.

“We hadn’t had much luck before but luckily, things are working out so far with Radius,”  Ross said.

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What Problems Did Trendware Face Before Trying Radius IT Solutions?

Trendware was struggling to maintain clients’ satisfaction with its services. Their system was unstable and their IT support was not the best.

“We ended up working with another company before Radius and just had what I’d like to say, not a good experience and as that was continuing, problems were building up…” said Ross.

The IT service providers they outsourced services from had multiple shortcomings that were, in turn, hurting Trendware’s business. Some of these shortcomings include:

1. Slow Onsite and Remote Servers 

Trendware had a problem with its remote servers. They had hosted QuickBooks and other Microsoft applications on remote servers that were too slow for the business.

System processes were too slow and the business was expanding. The slow servers would result in failed transactions making their customers complain about the systems. The process needed better servers that have the power to manage all requests without delays and failure.

Trendware wanted an in-house solution to run and manage its systems. Previous IT companies never bothered to help them figure out how to shift without losing data and ensuring business continuity.

There was a need for better service and guidance for a smoother transition.

2. Professionalism  

Trendware had several companies managing their IT services before Radius. The companies failed to deliver their services in a professional way. Whenever they had an issue, the IT companies blamed Trendware for the problems and took too much time focusing on the wrongdoer rather than resolving the problem.

Trendware had to find a way to sort the problems out by themselves, which is highly unprofessional given that they had already paid for IT services.

3. Poor Response Time From the IT Support Providers

There were issues with the support and response time. Whenever there was a question or a process that needed an explanation, Trendware’s outsourced IT support providers were not ready to respond and offer a solution in a timely fashion.

The companies wanted to save money and time spent resolving the company’s problems. At the end of the day, they realized they were not getting real value and opted for a better option.

“We had another company and it was fine for a little while, but they did things more on the money-saving side, which is what we wanted, in essence, but then it wasn’t working as we were trying to grow and expand…”  said Ross.

Trendware’s previously outsourced IT companies lacked flexibility in their operations and could not respond to their emerging issues fast enough to prevent downtime, which brought about a high level of customer dissatisfaction.

What Solutions Did Radius Provide to Solve the Challenges Trendware was Facing?

Radius came in to provide a  better customer experience. The company provided a timely solution to every request made by Trendware.

Ross confirms that Radius offered them a better service than any other competitor. “In that short period, compared to what we have had in the past, I’m not even exaggerating, a million times better,” said Ross.

Here are some of the changes that Radius introduced to provide more value to their clients and ensure customer satisfaction.

Server and Network Infrastructure Rebuild

Trendware was using remote servers to host their accounting and Microsoft applications. The servers were slow and caused a bottleneck in their operations.

In support of Radius, Trendware was able to build an in-house server to cater to their business needs. Before the network setup was complete, a loner server maintained business continuity to avoid downtime.

“The other company was hosting our QuickBooks on their data center server and we needed to get that off of there. We needed our own type of server system or a plan. We needed all of our Microsoft brought over and Radius did it pretty quickly. Even in terms of the server, Radius brought in a loner server until ours was built,” said Ross.

Professional Managed IT Services 

When working with previous IT companies, less was considered on professionalism. Radius changed the service delivery to match what the client needed.

In his interview, Ross mentioned that Radius responded fast to any issue that arose. The company resolved the issues in the most professional way.

“Whenever we’ve had an issue they’ve been quick to resolve it and the changeover was pretty seamless and very much more professional than the other companies. I’ll say that,” said Ross.

The professionalism ensured no downtime or halt of operations for Trendware.

Effective Project Management 

Radius offered support for Trendware technology migration in an easy and effective procedure. The company ensured it responded to all the issues that arose during the process.

To ensure the customer doesn’t suffer losses, Radius offered a server to keep operations running until the new network setup was complete. Of Course, there were no extra costs for the setup.

Remote and Onsite Support 

While other companies shied away from helping Trendware with their systems, Radius was there to listen at all times. Radius provided remote support for issues that didn’t need special attention and onsite support for more technical challenges.

“We’ve had a server built and put in and it was loud where it was, so Phil came and looked over, made some plans, and he’s already moved it to a different room in our warehouse,” Ross said.

The solutions provided were optimal and made Trendware worry less about software integration and concentrate more on business.

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