One of the main problems many businesses face today is that they are not properly focusing on using their IT strategically and aligning technology to the rapid changes in today’s virtual consumer world.

Strategic IT Consulting

Far too many companies are dragging their feet and failing to fully appreciate and respond to the fast paced changes in technology and use it to their best advantage. Consequently, there is a growing gap between what is occurring in the tech world and in how businesses are providing the services or products they deliver.

As a part of your overall business strategic approach, your business model must also take full advantage of the new business IT models that current technology provides.

Your IT needs to be adaptable to consumer needs as there is a growing gap between where the consumer world is heading and the IT approach used by companies to run their business.

Delivery platforms are rapidly shifting especially when it comes to mobility, cloud computing and social media. Channels for communications and collaboration are swiftly evolving as consumers drive much of these new changes. However, many businesses today are lagging far behind in taking full advantage of these new technology paradigms.

There are 5 major areas where companies need to proactively incorporate their strategic use of technology into their business model or pay the price if they neglect to keep pace with their competitors including:

  • Incorporating Mobile Smart Devices and Tablets – The sale of tablets alone is shortly expected to outpace the sales in the PC market. These and other smart devices need to be included as part of your IT business strategy.
  • Social Media – Businesses are not fully realizing or appreciating the impact of social media and how it is even now surpassing email in how people communicate and interact.
  • Cloud Computing – There are numerous cost, productivity and collaboration advantages now available for businesses by migrating some or many of their business processes to the cloud.
  • Consumerization – This simply refers to the usability of your IT by your staff, clients and customers.
  • Big Data – Businesses continue to be overwhelmed in how they manage and use large amounts of data to their advantage and how it is accessed and applied for business advantage.

The fast changing trends in today’s IT world is a wake-up call for businesses today as they need to intelligently and properly align their IT in a strategic manner to enhance their business model.

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