In the healthcare industry, networks are incredibly intricate ecosystems comprised of a multitude of connected devices and data that flows faster than ever before. It’s vital for healthcare organizations to ensure their networks are properly designed and configured, in order to ensure staff can access information as needed in a secure and reliable manner.

Radius Executive IT Solutions Helps Broad Reach Healthcare Turn Their Network Around

The Challenge: Broad Reach Healthcare’s Previous IT Contractor Failed to Ensure a Secure, Well-Functioning Network…

Broad Reach Healthcare, a long-term care facility located in North Chatham, MA, strives to redefine excellence in the delivery of post-acute and community-based healthcare. They’ve been around for over three decades – providing a variety of services and helping patients navigate through critical healthcare decisions.

When their previous IT contractor failed to ensure a secure, well-functioning network, they looked to Radius Executive IT Solutions for the technical expertise they needed. Prior to getting started, they were utilizing a different network switch and firewall for each of their 7 networks.

They were also struggling with wiring terminations that weren’t terminated into patch panels or run into the networking rack. They had no documentation available, and ultimately, required a complete revamp of their entire networking environment to resolve a plethora of issues.

The Solution: Radius Executive IT Solutions Resolves All Security and Data Networking Issues Within Days!

In three days, Radius Executive IT Solutions managed to resolve all security and data networking issues in the facility. Our team was able to work quickly and efficiently as we’ve seen similar issues before. In fact, nursing facilities will commonly use their own maintenance staff to set up and troubleshoot the network.

Unfortunately, with so much sensitive information and so many critical devices on the network, it’s vital to ensure you’re working with a team of professionals who know exactly what they’re doing. Our team replaced the entire network core, including access points throughout the facility. We also:

  • Installed and configured a Fortinet Firewall with VLAN’s for network segregation.
  • Installed and configured Ubiquiti Network Switches and Wireless Access Points.
  • Completed a wireless heatmap to ensure reliability throughout the entire facility.

For those in the healthcare industry, a network that’s properly setup and secure is absolutely essential as cybercriminals start targeting healthcare practices more and more. Think about it: healthcare organizations heavily depend on information technology.

Most medical hardware, including but not limited to computers, MRI scanners, and ventilators, are all vulnerable to cyber-attacks. If proper security measures aren’t in place, the entire network is wide open for attack, and that means potential HIPAA breaches are looming.

Our team of healthcare IT experts is here to help. If you aren’t absolutely confident in the reliability or security of your network, give us a call at (978) 528-0110 or email us at Radius Executive IT Solutions is the preferred choice when it comes to IT services for healthcare organizations in Boston.

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