Phil Cardone

Philip Cardone is a 15 year veteran in the IT industry who started his career as a helpdesk technician back in 1998 as a part time employee while earning his BS at the University of Massachusetts Lowell. After 13 years this company went through many acquisitions until their final acquisition to KDSA Consulting in 2004. During his eight years with KDSA, Mr. Cardone moved through the ranks and ultimately was their Executive Account Manager. He has presented at national IT conferences and has been interviewed by multiple IT magazines and publications.

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David A. Roush

David A. Roush has worked in health care as an attorney, regulator, consultant, operator-owner, investor, and public policy advisor. In 1997 he co-founded a health care organization which today comprises the full spectrum of the Radius Executive Solutions and Radius Health Care Companies. The Companies provide an array of consulting, planning, development and management services […]

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Dolores Schermer

Dolores Schermer joined Radius Executive Solutions as a Partner in 2013 after 13 years with our former affiliate, Radius Management Services (RMS), where she served as Senior Vice President of Operations and Chief Operating Officer. Radius Management Services owned and managed over 2000 beds in Massachusetts and Rhode Island and was recognized as a quality […]

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