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Cybersecurity should be a concern for every business, regardless of size or industry.

If you don’t have a clear picture of just how expansive the threat landscape is, maybe this stat will help illustrate the problem for you: A new organization will fall victim to ransomware every 14 seconds in 2019, and every 11 seconds by 2021.

So, how does one of these hundreds of millions of threats make its way onto your network? There are many possible ways, and one of the more common methods cybercriminals use is sneaking malware into your email inboxes under the guise of a legitimate message. Download the wrong attachment or follow the wrong link and you’ll end up with an infected network.

The consequences of a malware infection can be devastating, especially if data loss is involved, as it’ll cost you an average of $150 per compromised file to recover from data loss due to the potential for class-action lawsuits and regulatory fines. $150 isn’t much, but thousands of files are compromised in the average attack, so you’re really looking at taking a six or seven-figure hit to deal with just a single incident.

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Email Filtering

Everyone knows that Nigerian prince-style messages riddled with impossible promises and broken English are scams to be ignored.

But not all attempts are that obvious. Many phishers have become more sophisticated and subtle with their craft. Not only do their messages feature flawless grammar, but often they’ll cloud your judgment by putting you on the defensive and posing as an authority you trust, possibly the local police claiming you owe an unpaid parking ticket or the IRS seeking back taxes.

They’ll tell you to take care of the problem now before you’re penalized further by downloading their “payment software”, and of course if you do so you will have actually installed a virus on your own computer.

We’ll filter out such phishing attempts so that you and your employees are never at risk of falling victim to these clever tricks.

Email Encryption

Our filtering services manage what’s coming in, but many industries are just as concerned about what’s going out.

Whether you’re a legal firm trying to maintain attorney-client privilege or a healthcare organization trying to protect PHI and save yourself from HIPAA fines, we’ll encrypt your email so prying eyes can’t see your sensitive communications.

Email Archiving

As your business grows there’ll be more and more strain put on your IT infrastructure, and email likely requires more room for storage than anything else you handle. It’s such a problem that many businesses enforce mailbox quotas, which is frustrating for employees and significantly increases email management overhead.

And when your inbox gets full, how do you decide what to delete? Maybe you don’t need an email now, but you may regret deleting any given message if circumstances change (as they often do) and you find out in the future that you actually do need it.

Our email archiving solution moves email from less-frequently opened addresses to a secondary location instead of deleting it, and these messages can be restored at any time. You get as much email capacity as you need, you don’t have to delete anything, and you’ll be able to enhance the value of your IT investments through improved server performance.

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