Use Virtualization to Cut IT Costs and Reduce the Amount of Time It Takes to Recover from Disaster

When you spend less money on IT, you’ll have more funds you can use to benefit other areas of your business.

Radius Executive IT Solutions will use virtualization to drastically reduce your IT expenses.

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How does server virtualization work exactly?

By themselves, servers can only handle one operating system at a time, wasting 80% or more of their true capacity. Virtual machines (VMs) allow you to run multiple operating systems on the same server at the same time. That means you can get the capability of around 5 servers without VMs on just a single server that does take advantage of VMs.

Server and Desktop virtualization cuts costs in many ways: first, you won’t have to put up with the up-front costs of buying more servers. Also, you’re saved from the never-ending ongoing expenses (maintenance, electricity) it would take to keep those additional servers running. And as a bonus for all those SMBs out there cramped in a small office, less physical servers in your office space means you’ll have more room to breathe.

Server Virtualization Consulting

We’ll further those space savings and enhanced efficiency benefits by utilizing blade server technology rather than standard servers. Blade servers are stripped down, modular servers that are installed with many other blade servers in the same enclosure: this allows you to centralize business computing workloads and reduce power costs, complexity, network traffic, and management overhead.

More than Just IT Savings: Get More Value Out of Your Greatest Investment of All

Reducing your IT budget is great, but it’s highly unlikely that your IT budget is the biggest slice of your overall budget.

What you are likely spending more on than anything else are the wages and benefits you’ve invested in your employees. And when tech disaster strikes and you have to deal with downtime, your employees won’t have access to the tools they need to get work done until everything is back up and running.

Using VMs accelerates recovery times after a server crash, so your workforce can back to completing tasks, working through projects, and producing revenue.

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