Managed IT Services In Boston and New England

Better than Break/Fix: Boston Managed IT Services and Proactive Support

A lot of companies put off any kind of IT support until they don’t have the option because something breaks.

Sure, you might see some meager short-term savings with the break/fix model, but in the long run, it’s going to cost you a lot of money.

Neglect to regularly assess the health of your equipment and eventually, hardware will fail on you, which means you’ll have to deal with downtime that takes away the tools your employees need to get their jobs done.

We’ll constantly check up on your equipment whether it’s broken or not, old or new. That allows us to catch issues before they develop into real problems. We upgrade or replace hardware before it has a chance to fail and burden your business with productivity and revenue-killing downtime.

Managed IT Services in Boston & New England

Radius New England & Boston Managed IT Services = You’re Covered

We serve businesses across many different industries in Boston, but we’re primarily focused on serving healthcare organizations and non-profits.

Keeping sensitive data secure is a priority for all businesses, but it’s especially so in the healthcare vertical, as you’ll face up to $1.5 million in fines for every provision of HIPAA you violate. Radius Executive IT Solutions knows how to protect PHI and keep you HIPAA compliant, so you won’t have to worry about any possible seven-figure fines.

Cybersecurity is also a high priority to non-profits, for an entirely different reason. Non-profits rely on donors for support, and donors will likely be scared off and put their money elsewhere if they hear you’ve suffered a security breach in the past. It’s nothing personal: they just don’t want to risk having their own data exposed by trusting it to a known-to-be-vulnerable network.

Our Customized Approach To Protect Your Business

Relieve yourself of headaches with a trusted IT Company.

We don’t just fix problems: we stop them from happening in the first place. That means you’ll have more time to dedicate to all the many other tasks and responsibilities that must be managed to run your business.

Trust Us For Your Boston IT Support

Contact our team of professionals right away. Give us a call at (978) 528-0110 or send a message over to for more information about our managed IT services in Boston.

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