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Is Your Dental Office in Need of an Outsourced IT Services Partner?

What companies do for IT support goes through stages that relate directly to their growth as they scale. When you started your dental practice, you were likely both a dentist and an IT repairman. Then, as things began to take off, you no longer had time to do updates and patches, so you handed off that responsibility to a support staff member. That worked well for a while, but now you’ve hit one of the following roadblocks:

  • Your internal staff doesn’t have time to do IT support.
  • Your security and HIPAA compliance needs are beyond the skill set of your employees.
  • Your practice is growing and is in need of IT consultants that understand the integration of newer technologies.

No matter what internal circumstance brought you to this webpage, rest assured that the Radius team is capable of helping you achieve the secure, streamlined, and stable IT environment that your practice needs.

What Can Radius Help a Dental Practice to Achieve?

  • A secure, user-friendly IT environment
  • HIPAA Compliance
  • Full use of the potential found within current IT assets
  • Adaptation and integration of new technologies
  • Automation of repetitive, time-consuming computer tasks

What is the Best Way to Maintain IT Systems in a Dental Practice?

The most effective way to think about maintaining IT systems is to consider the parallel between IT maintenance and the good dental health regimen that you suggest to your own patients. You don’t want your patients to delay good oral hygiene until they are in pain and can’t function normally. Instead, you want them to do the daily things that are necessary to help them stay healthy.

Ongoing, preventative maintenance – that’s the best way to manage IT systems in a Dental Practice.

What does ongoing preventative maintenance entail?

  • Automatic updates, upgrades, and patches
  • Constant monitoring for potential security issues
  • Consistent, automated data backup
  • Remote computer and server health checks
  • Timely response to employee IT questions and troubleshooting requests

How Much Does Ongoing Preventative Maintenance for Dental Offices Cost?

The Radius team packages its many IT support services into a tailored package for each dental office’s specific requirements. As a result of this level of service customization, it’s difficult to detail pricing on a website. There are some things regarding our pricing that applies across the board.

  • We provide all the IT support, security, maintenance, and consulting your dental practice needs within a fixed-fee, monthly subscription payment.
  • You don’t have to pay for more IT support or services than is needed to maintain and secure your IT working environment.
  • Your IT services from Radius are specifically geared to scale up or down with your business growth or seasonal cycles.

What affects the pricing of your proactive IT maintenance package from Radius?

  • The complexity of your internal IT systems
  • The cloud assets that you have in use
  • The amount of monthly work it takes for our team to maintain your systems
  • The requirements of your practice for cybersecurity and HIPAA compliance protocols


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