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It’s rare for my workday to end at 5 o’clock.

Whether I’m at Radius Executive IT Solutions’s office, my home office, or the client’s location, there’s always something to be done that keeps me another hour or two or more if needed.

I don’t mind. It’s quite fun actually, like figuring out a puzzle: What can we do to make our clients more productive?

Information Systems Consulting By Radius Executive IT Solutions

The process never ends. We regularly check up on equipment whether it’s old or new so that we can catch issues and fix them before hardware fails and burdens your business with productivity and revenue-killing downtime. We keep track of the latest developments in cybercrime to make sure we can keep our client’s networks secure. And with as fast as technology changes, there are always new tools to look into to determine their worth for our clients.

Of course, just about every IT company does those things (at least, they should be). What sets us apart is that no IT company in Boston knows how to take care of healthcare organizations better than Radius Executive IT Solutions.

We’re not a huge operation, and even still out staff boasts over 75 years of collective experience in the healthcare field. We know how to service med cart laptops and electronic kiosks just as well as we do your everyday business computers. Also, we know how to keep PHI secure and save you from class-action lawsuits and devastating HIPAA fines.

Why Radius As Your Next Information Systems Consulting Firm

And while remote fixes are convenient, we don’t want to be like those IT companies that only handle things remotely and are never there for any personal interaction.

We understand that it can be difficult to adapt to new technology. We like to make on-site visits to our clients and check with each member of their staff to see how they’re adjusting. If anyone does need some assistance, we’ll provide them that help then and there. We find it’s much easier and more effective to help you with technology face-to-face rather than try and talk you through issues over the phone.

A proactive mindset, decades of experience in healthcare, and hands-on support: that’s the kind of service you get from Radius Executive IT Solutions.

Phil Cardone
Radius Executive IT Solutions

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