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Why Does My Non-Profit Organization Need Managed IT Services?

Non-profit organizations operate under a different mission than that of their commercial enterprise counterparts. An entity that exists to meet a specific need within their community, not-for-profits are guided by a different set of priorities. Though non-profit organizations have the same technology needs of traditional commercial companies, their technology budgets are often smaller, making it challenging for them to acquire the assistance they need.

Radius Executive IT Solutions offers its comprehensive suite of IT services on a subscription basis. Paid out in monthly installments, our services are affordable and all-inclusive to provide non-profit organizations with all of the IT resources they need at a price point that they can easily afford.

We offer non-profit organizations the opportunity to enjoy fully outsourced IT support to help them make the most out of the technology assets they already own. As a result, not-for-profits are empowered to more easily accomplish their goals through the achievement of their ideal IT working environment.

Why Does My Non-Profit Organization Need Managed IT Services?

Eight Ways Managed IT Services Can Assist Non-Profit Organizations

  • The creation of a customized workflow to streamline employee onboarding, transfer, and termination
  • The implementation of technology procurement processes
  • The sourcing of public resources for budgeting and grant assistance
  • The provision of customized solutions to support remote staff, administrators, and students
  • The identification and removal of costly inefficiencies and wasted resources
  • The assumption of the role of IT Director
  • The fulfillment of the role of Project Manager for technology upgrades and changes
  • The commitment to regular attendance at leadership meetings

Can Managed IT Services Help My Non-Profit Organization Save Money on Technology Expenses?

Technology can be expensive; particularly when the person in charge of an IT budget is unsure about how to invest a non-profit’s limited funds. But the truth is that most non-profit organizations already own most of the technology resources they need to meet their operational objectives. What they lack is the expertise to leverage the power that is housed within those IT assets.

Through the realization of a streamlined IT environment, our valued clients benefit from IT networks and systems that are backed by fortified security and that are customized to assist them with each task they must perform, saving them both time and money.

What Services Can Radius Executive IT Solutions Provide for My Non-Profit Organization?

  • Cloud-based applications for remote worker access
  • IP security systems
  • Wireless networking
  • Tools for improved collaboration and communication
  • Remote desktop
  • Internet safety
  • Content filtering
  • Remote worker support
  • Compliance expertise
  • Email encryption
  • Cybersecurity
  • Tracked access to inappropriate content
  • Data privacy
  • Continuous monitoring, management, and maintenance
  • Advanced and proactive cybersecurity protocols
  • 24/7 help desk support
  • Strategic IT consulting
  • Vendor management services to obtain optimal pricing for new technology investments
  • Targeted expenses for technology acquisitions

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