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Setting up a wireless networking system for your Boston business isn’t as simple as setting up your Wi-Fi at home.

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Business-Grade Wireless Networking in Boston

Here are just a few of the common problems people run into when they try to design and install a business-grade Wi-Fi network themselves:

Taking the Speeds Listed on the Box at Face Value

It’s impressive when the packaging for a router promises speeds of up to 300 or even 450 Mbps, but don’t forget about that qualifier listed before those exciting speeds: “up to”. If you only have a single worker using a router and that worker is just inches away from the router, maybe you’ll reach those top speeds. But you’ll have multiple users, and they’ll be spread out across your office. The reliable wireless networking provider in Boston will help you take into account every single detail that can influence your productivity.

Poor Access Point Placement

It matters where you place your access points – desk, cubicles, walls, and other obstructions will weaken your signal and slow your speeds. Elevation matters too: an access point off the ground is better than an access point on the floor.

Using the Default Channel

Once the router is up and running, it’s easy to leave it at that and get on with your business. But rarely do default settings make for optimal performance, and unless your office is located in a particularly remote area, that default channel is likely also used by a neighbor, and such crowding will lead to poor performance on your end.

We know how to avoid these issues and others. We’ll make your internet as fast as possible, which means your workforce will be more productive, and a more productive workforce means you’ll have an easier time meeting and exceeding your revenue goals.

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