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Keeping Business Information Secure

Is your data protected? Radius IT keeps your information secure. 

You’ll want it to be, as it’ll cost you an average of $150 per comprised file to recover from data loss, and thousands of files are compromised in the average online security breach. These costs stem mostly from the class-action lawsuits that could be filed by those who trusted you with their sensitive information.

Those expenses run even higher for healthcare organizations, which face a fine of up to $1.5 million for every security provision of HIPAA they violate.

And with over 300 million new pieces of malware created in 2014 alone, there are plenty of threats to worry about.

Radius IT keeps your information secure

Information Technology Security Experts

Radius Executive IT Solutions knows how to protect you from the hundreds of millions of threats that are out there.

  • Email security: Most phishing attempts are easy to spot: broken English, Nigerian princes, etc. But not all scams are this obvious. Many scammers are more sophisticated with their craft, practicing perfect grammar and posing convincingly as legitimate sources. We’ll filter out these attempts, and we’ll make sure your staff knows not to download an attachment or follow a link from a source they’re not 100% sure about.
  • Business Continuity: Every minute of downtime burdens your business with missed opportunities and takes away the tools your employees need to do their jobs. Less productive employees means less work gets done, projects get delayed, and you have a more difficult time meeting your revenue goals.
  • Vulnerability Assessments: Why wait for cybercriminals to try and break into your network to see if you’re vulnerable? Our experienced IT security professional will probe your network for weaknesses and find and fix vulnerabilities before cybercriminals take advantage.

Instead of only giving your equipment attention when something breaks, we’ll regularly check up on everything and upgrade or replace hardware before it fails, so you won’t have to deal with near as much downtime. And we use virtualization and the cloud to make sure that if you ever do go down, you come back up fast.

Give us a call at (978) 528-0110 or send a message over to for more information about our IT security services.

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