Switch Over to a VoIP Phone System to Cut Costs, Improve Productivity

Save money in one area of your business and you can take those savings and use them to address other needs.

But where can you cut without sacrificing something valuable? Well, one such area might be your phone system: switching over to an internet-based, Voice over IP (VoIP) system not only saves you a lot of money, but also provides you with many other benefits over a traditional phone system.

First of all, VoIP is more flexible than traditional phone systems. Who knows how many phones you’ll need over the next year? Go the traditional route and you’ll always be trying to balance saving money by not paying for phones lines you don’t need with the hassle of adding lines when you do need them. Adding new lines is as fast and easy as clicking a button when you use a VoIP system.

Also, VoIP allows your employees to multitask without being disrupted. And it can be integrated with your email, fax, and remote conferencing programs. That’ll help your employees get more work done, and a more productive workforce produces more revenue.

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Why Choose Radius As Your VoIP Provider In Boston?

We Prioritize Our Relationships with Clients over Our Relationships with Vendors

We do maintain relationships with certain VoIP vendors. We’re familiar with their products and know-how to configure them for optimal performance, and we’ll be there to help if you ever run into problems in the future.

But we’re never going to push any particular product on you just because we have a relationship with the people who make that product. No, if we recommend something to you, it’s because we believe it will improve your bottom line or benefit your business in some other way. Of course, with the incredible savings and superior set of features VoIP offers over traditional phone systems, objective benefits won’t be too hard to find… the only question is which vendor is the best fit for your unique situation?

We’ll look at what each potential vendor has to offer and find the best match for your budget and needs.

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