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Sometimes hardware fails. Sometimes a virus sneaks onto your network and brings your systems down, and there’s no shortage of web-based threats out there with over 300 million pieces of malware created in 2014 alone.

However it happens, every business has to deal with downtime eventually. Are you ready for it?

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Radius Executive IT Solutions Protects you from the Consequences of Downtime and Data Loss

Downtime is more than just an annoying bump in the road. It takes away the tools your workers need to get their jobs done. When you’re dealing with downtime you get less work done, projects are delayed, and you produce less revenue.

There’s also your reputation to consider. You likely want to be thought of as professional and reliable, and you’ll have to be thought of that way if you want to win clients over your competitors and secure partnerships with other businesses. It takes a lot of time and attention to detail to build a solid reputation, but it doesn’t take much for it to fall apart… if you’re unavailable or missing deadlines due to downtime, you’re not going to have a reliable reputation for long.

We’ll regularly assess your hardware so that we can find and fix problems before hardware fails and burdens your business with downtime. And if all does go wrong, we use virtualization and the cloud among other technologies and techniques to make sure you’re back up and running quickly.

A tech disaster might even result in more than temporary downtime: depending on the nature of the disaster, you could end up losing thousands of files, hours upon hours of work wasted.

Those are hours you’ve paid for through the wages and benefits you dedicate to your employees, hours you’ve invested in. With our backup solution, you won’t lose nearly that much work. We’re constantly backing up your data so that once everything is restored after a disaster only minutes of progress are gone.

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