Protecting PHI and Keeping You Safe from Hefty HIPAA Fines

When it comes to IT support in hospitals and other healthcare organizations, nothing is more important than protecting PHI.

The financial consequences of suffering a security breach and having PHI compromised are devastating. First, you have to consider the potential for litigation: if hundreds or even thousands of patients are affected and you’re hit with a class-action lawsuit, it’s likely going to cost you millions to settle.

And then there’s HIPAA to worry about, which will fine you up to $1.5 million for every security provision you violate.

ePHI Data Protection

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We cover all the following areas to ensure you’re completely HIPAA compliant:

  • Physical Protections:

    To stay HIPAA-compliant, you have to control access to your workstations and other equipment and always know who is transferring, disposing, or reusing electronic media containing ePHI.

  • Technical Protections:

    We will make sure that only those who are authorized are able to access PHI. This includes implementing emergency access, automatic log off, and encryption/decryption procedures. And we’ll perform audit reports and keep track of hardware and software activity so that we can locate the source and cause of any security violations.

  • Technical Policies:

    We’ll also make sure that ePHI is never altered or destroyed. Radius Executive IT Solutions stores backups off-site so that if hardware failure or some other physical disaster strikes it doesn’t matter what happens to your on-site storage equipment, you’ll always have a copy in the cloud waiting to be restored whenever you’re ready.

  • Network/Data Transmission Security:

    Whether it’s over email, HTTP, or even your private network, transmitting data can put your sensitive records at risk. We’ll secure your transfers so that nothing ever gets compromised.

New England’s Healthcare Data Protection Specialists

Radius Executive IT Solutions knows how to protect PHI and keep you safe from devastating lawsuits and regulatory fines.

Give us a call at (978) 528-0110 or send a message over to for more information about our healthcare-related IT services.

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