Is BYOD The Right Choice For Your Organization?

Many organizations in the healthcare field are now implementing BYOD policies that permit employees to work with their personal laptops, tablets, and smartphones – Is it the right call for your organization?

We Are The Local Healthcare Technology Experts

Happy Thursday! A lot of IT companies advertise the fact that they support healthcare organizations, but how many really understand the ins and out of healthcare technology? One would think that if they’re offering services to this unique field, they’d be experts on the subject. But you’d be surprised by how often that turns out […]

Healthcare IT Is More Than HIPAA

Happy Thursday! For too many practices and clinics, the conversation around technology begins and ends with HIPAA compliance. While this is most definitely an important factor to consider, it’s only one piece of the IT puzzle. Your technology needs to actively help your healthcare organization protect patient information and keep your networks safe and secure. […]