Forward-Thinking IT Services In Boston & New England

Reducing Downtime, Increasing Productivity and Revenue for Businesses Throughout New England

Radius Executive IT Solutions is dedicated to providing Boston businesses with effective and affordable IT support. We’ll save you from the financial consequences of a tech disaster, and we’ll also use technology to improve your bottom line. Our services include:

IT Services Boston

Managed IT Services

We take a proactive rather than reactive approach to IT support – instead of waiting around for equipment to break, we’ll regularly assess everything and replace or upgrade hardware before it fails. Less hardware failure means less downtime, and less downtime means your workers will be more productive and you’ll have an easier time meeting your revenue goals. 

Strategic IT Consulting

We’ll handle your day-to-day IT responsibilities, but we’re concerned about your future as well. We know how to move from the server room to the boardroom, drop the jargon, and explain what we do in plain English that a C-level exec with little to no experience in IT can understand and get excited about. So, let’s sit down with your leadership and look at how technology can be used to help you reach your long-term goals.

Server Virtualization

Physical servers can only run one operating system at a time by themselves. Use virtual machines and you can take advantage of equipment’s true capability and run multiple operating systems on the same server at the same time, allowing you to get more value out of the IT infrastructure you’ve already invested in.

Healthcare Managed IT Services

We know how to service not just normal business computers, but also med cart laptops and electronic kiosks and all manner of other specialized equipment you’d find in a healthcare organization. We also know how to secure PHI and help you avoid HIPAA fines, which could be as much as $1.5 million per provision violated.

Supplemental Solutions

Many small and mid-sized businesses in and around Boston are turning to supplemental IT Services where they can take advantage of the expertise and skill of a team of IT specialists when needed–and without paying expensive salaries or benefits. It’s an affordable solution to expand your current IT resources and ensure you always have the tech support you need.

Network Engineers

Having a full-time professional network engineer in Boston offers numerous benefits to businesses, especially startups that are yet to embrace the latest technologies. Network engineers provide required solutions, from implementing to supporting, maintaining, designing, and developing communication networks. Here are critical services offered by professional network engineers and IT system professionals.

Cloud Services

With hosted servers, you’re tapping into a pool of unlimited resources, and scaling up or down is as easy as clicking a button. You never have to pay for more power than you need, and you don’t have to wait around for something to be delivered and installed if you suddenly see more traffic.

Hosted Applications

Hosted applications (software programs stored on someone else’s server that you access remotely) allow your employees to share files and collaborate on projects with their smartphone, tablet, or laptop anywhere they can find an internet connection.

VoIP Phone Systems

Save money in one area of your business and you can take those savings and use them to address other needs. But where can you cut without sacrificing something valuable? Well, one such area might be your phone system: switching over to an internet-based, Voice over IP (VoIP) system not only saves you a lot of money, but also provides you with many other benefits over a traditional phone system.

Wireless Networking

Wireless Network Solutions can save you costly fees and strengthen your Boston business network structure from outside attacks. We’ll make your internet as fast as possible, which means your workforce will be more productive, and a more productive workforce means you’ll have an easier time meeting and exceeding your revenue goals.

Meeting Rooms

The modern business world has changed a lot over the past few years. You can’t expect your meetings, no matter how important they are, to take place entirely in person. Remote workers and long-distance business contacts have made the business workplace a hybrid, and your technology needs to keep up. Is your staff still holding zoom meetings over their laptops and mobile devices? If so, you need a cutting-edge, dedicated “zoom” room. Allow us to help…

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