“The Carmelite System approached Radius Executive Solutions (RES) about an upcoming skilled nursing facility acquisition. RES was suggested to us because of their work with senior care acquisitions, and we wanted to add them to our Transition Team. In order to round out the Team we knew we needed a strong consultant to lead the Information Technology portion of our upcoming acquisition. Due to the extensive task items and extremely short project time line, we were extremely pleased to find that RES was now affiliated with Radius Executive IT Solutions (REITS), a new organization that is geared towards delivering general Information Technology services to Senior Care organizations. We asked that both RES and REITS join us for the facility Transition kick off meetings and were pleased to feel a weight lifted off of our shoulders knowing we were in good hands with both organizations helping us. Throughout the remainder of the transition, REITS took a full leadership and project management role for all aspects of the main core components of the acquisition, Electronic Health Record (EHR) system migration, Edge to Core Networking and Technology needs including full Wireless Mesh Infrastructure, Hosted Microsoft Exchange, Financial Accounting System implementation, and End-user Computing Experience. REITS provided our facility with a turnkey solution, minimized the outage of day to day activities during the facility cutover and enabled our nursing staff to return to electronic charting in a near seamless fashion due to their extremely close interaction with the EHR vendor. REITS also provided 24/7 coverage to our facility for a period of time post-migration to ensure the overnight staff was able to complete their appropriate duties and ensure the quality of care of our residents was met with regards to utilizing the EHR system. We look forward to working with REITS to fill our IT needs at our other sites.”