Do Your Zoom Meetings Look Unprofessional?

An error-prone Zoom setup won’t look good to your current and prospective clients. Allow us to help—Radius Executive IT Solutions has extensive expertise in developing robust, modern meeting spaces for businesses like yours.

The ability to communicate effectively with your clients and employees is a vital part of the modern working world, especially during the pandemic.

Do you have the right space set up for our Zoom meetings?

Zoom Meeting Rooms Unprofessional

Zoom Is Undeniably Important Right Now

If you’re not communicating effectively with your team, clients and business contacts, it won’t take long until it negatively affects your work:

  • Important updates will be missed by team members who are out of the loop.
  • Clients will judge your business based on your ad-hoc approach to remote communication.
  • Your first (and subsequent) meeting with key contacts will lack the professional image you want for your business.

The bottom line is that communication and collaboration are foundational to productivity and continuity, whether you’re in the office or not. Whether you and your team can communicate effectively while working from home comes down to the tools you have in place.

Radius Executive IT Solutions Will Design And Install Your Zoom-Dedicated Meeting Room

If you’re using Zoom on a regular basis, it shouldn’t look like you’re still figuring out how to use it. It should be as seamlessly integrated into your business processes as your computers, printers and other IT assets.

At this point, you’re long overdue for a space that’s specifically designed to support your Zoom meetings. This means having the right webcams, audio equipment, video displays, and a properly lit conference room.

Radius Executive IT Solutions will help—we have the experience and knowledge needed to carefully design and deploy a Zoom-centric meeting space.

Is A Zoom Room A Wise Investment?

  • Connect with coworkers and key contacts using intuitive and seamless tabletop meeting solutions.
  • Stream high-quality video and view high-resolution video feeds through a carefully installed and maintained A/V streaming system and premier monitors.
  • Schedule meetings with Zoom and integrate them directly with your AV hardware in any one of your meeting spaces.
  • Harness a range of key technologies, including high-quality cameras, big-screen video displays, high-quality audio, and clean cable management

Don’t Settle For An Unofficial Meeting Space Any Longer

Radius Executive IT Solutions has extensive expertise in developing robust, modern meeting spaces for businesses like yours.

Whether everyone can meet in the same room or not, we will help you build an environment that meets your needs, integrating a range of key technologies to ensure you can connect, present and discuss effectively in a hybrid working model.

Our team has extensive experience designing robust zoom rooms—get in touch with us to get started.

Thinking about “In The Cloud” IT solutions…talk to Radius.

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