“As a healthcare facility, functional and effective IT is critical for us to organize and protect patient data and communicate with relevant parties. Before we partnered with Radius, we had a lot of IT problems and our server room was a mess. The cables in our back room were a disaster, jumbled and disorganized. The Radius team did an phenomenal job getting the room organized and functional. I know what they walked into and they made it look incredible in such a short time; I can’t believe it didn’t take them a week to complete the job!

Their team of experts came in, cleaned things up and now we very rarely experience issues. When we do have problems, they’re incredibly responsive – we never wait more than 10 minutes to hear back from them. If they don’t have the immediate answers, they’re determined to find them for us. They’re just so supportive, proactive and such a nice people overall. They’re such a joy to work with – I would recommend them in a heartbeat.”