While visiting Andover, Massachusetts as a tourist, there are a number of interesting attractions to keep you busy. One must-visit destination though, that shouldn’t be missed, is the Addison Gallery of American Art. Founded in 1931, it is considered by many to be one of the most prestigious and dynamic art museums in the country. The gallery boasts an impressive collection of American art, showcasing works from colonial times to the present day. In this blog post, we’ll explore what makes the Addison Gallery of American Art such a wonderful destination, and why it should be at the top of your must-see list when visiting the area.

The Collection: The Addison Gallery of American Art houses an extensive collection of American art that includes paintings, sculptures, drawings, and photographs. The museum’s permanent collection features over 17,000 pieces of art, with works from a variety of artists from all over the country. The collection includes works by iconic artists such as Edward Hopper, Winslow Homer, and Mary Cassatt, among others. There are also a number of special exhibitions featured throughout the year, making it a great attraction to visit multiple times.

The Building: The Addison Gallery of American Art itself is a piece of art. Designed by the prestigious firm of Charles Platt and renovated by the renowned Robert A.M. Stern, the building itself is an attraction on its own. Its neoclassical design features a beautiful courtyard and a grand entrance that is sure to impress any visitor.

Free Admission: Admission to the Addison Gallery of American Art is free for all visitors. This makes it a great attraction for tourists who are travelling on a budget. While the museum depends on donations and grants to support itself, visitors are free to donate if they choose.

Education and Events: The museum offers a variety of programs and events throughout the year, from lectures to musical performances. The Addison Gallery of American Art also hosts many educational programs as well, including talks and workshops given by artists, curators, and educators. This makes it a great destination for visitors who want to learn about American art and culture while on their trip.

The Location: The Addison Gallery of American Art is located on the Phillips Academy campus in Andover. The Phillips Academy is a historic boarding school that is filled with beautiful architecture, making it a great destination for those who love history and culture.

The Addison Gallery of American Art is a wonderful attraction for tourists who are interested in American Art and culture. With its extensive permanent collection, beautiful building, and many events and programs, it’s a destination that is sure to captivate any visitor. And with free admission, it’s a budget-friendly destination as well. Whether you are visiting Andover for the first time, or you are a seasoned visitor to the area, the Addison Gallery of American Art is one destination you won’t want to miss.

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